Pioneer content
Every year, we invite the most pioneering creative people in the world to share their inspiration and experience. Different from most conference activities in China, MINDPARK’s guests invited and presentations are subject to different screening criteria: we focus on the previous works of creative people rather than their personal fame, analyze and provide insight to creative ideas rather than hollow branding. We look forward to providing valuable and vanguard content to all our audiences and let audiences think out of the box.
PARK is the best place for inspiration. Every year, we invite outstanding creative works and brands at home and abroad to jointly create a multi-sensory interactive experiences and multi-level innovative exhibition content for audiences. PARK aims to create a distinctive creative space and a comfortable innovative exchange environment which helps the audience walk out of boring office space and re-stimulate imagination and creativity.
Link global creative resources
MINDPARK brings together global creativity and focuses on the Chinese market. We hope that through the conference, we will help Chinese enterprises establish cooperation with the world’s top creativity resources and help Chinese brands find new impetus and opportunities for development. Attendee companies and brands will have the opportunity to conduct business cooperation with conference speakers, exhibitors and other creative people. In addition, they will also be able to obtain more than 300+ top creative connection cooperation opportunities through the conference creative resource link service. We will provide the most perfect creative management and standard transaction process to help companies complete creative connection service.
The creative masters will step down to engage in dialogues and exchange with the industry elites at close range and focus on the discussion and research on the key issues of the industry. Through case analysis, brainstorming and data verification, the lecturer would discover the crux and difficulties in the creative practice and find the methodology for inner logic and creative thinking activation to help businesses and individuals explore innovative solutions.
Innovative business social occasions
Creative people from all over the world will come together in the four days, presenting the best social opportunity. The conference will provide audiences with rich and innovative social opportunities and social spaces, break social barriers online and offline and help participants quickly find like-minded creative partners.
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